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Scientific Life within the BPA
BPA Scientific Life whilst long established, continues to develop its modes of professional expression and communication.

Scientific Meetings are held regularly (see those listed below) and consist of Psychoanalytic Papers or Panel presentations followed by chaired debates.

There is a tradition of regular Clinical Presentations with discussions that stimulate exchanges between BPA members of different theoretical orientations: Contemporary Freudian, Kleinian and Independent.

Special Interest Groups and Workshops grow from members interests, and include:
- Winnicott Group
- Poetry Discussion Group
- Analytic Intervention Workshop
- Borderline Personality Disorder Workshop
- Reading Group

There are a steady stream of papers and books produced by BPA members.

The BPA offers a Peer Review Service whereby members interested in writing for publication or presentation can receive feedback at any stage in the writing process.

The organisation awards the Dan Twomey Prize for an original paper on a clinical, theoretical, or applied psychoanalytic subject. The prize is named in honour of the late Dan Twomey, a founder of the BPA.

For a list of Society Books and Publications see link to Publications page.

Forthcoming Scientific Meetings 2018

11 am - 1 pm
  • Saturday 24 November 11.00am-1.00pm at Golders Green Quaker Meeting House: Open Scientific Meeting: Listening to Unconscious Communication – Caroline Polmear

Scientific Meetings 2019

    Saturdays at 10.30 for 11 till 1.00 pm. (Details to be confirmed)
  • 2 February, Whose madness is it anyway? Maintaining a psychoanalytic relationship in traumatic circumstances - Alison Vaspe
  • 30 March Adventurous Dialogues. The Clinical Paradigms of Melanie Klein and Donald Winnicott: comparisons and dialogues - Guest speakers Jan Abram and Bob Hinshelwood
  • 22 June Making meaningful contact with a schizoid patient - Noel Hess with discussant Sue Wax
  • 12 October - Panel discussion: As psychoanalysis is currently practised, are there significant differences in the way negative transference is handled across the theoretical paradigms?
  • 23 November - the BPA Annual Open Meeting with David Simpson (Title to be confirmed)

Please view our FLYER for more information.

Past Scientific Meetings 2018

  • Saturday 6 October: Dr. Maxim de Sauma 'Where are you? Reaching out to the avoidant adolescent-a clinical presentation'.
  • Saturday 23 June: The Changing Nature of Sexuality and Couplings: Has it changed the nature of Unconscious Phantasy? Panel: Jean Arundale, David Morgan and Shawn Tower
  • Saturday 28th April: Alan Colam : 'Libidinal/defensive and hostile/destructive narcissism: a case study'.
  • Saturday 17th March: Dr Lesley Caldwell 'Play and playing; a fundamental of life inside and outside the consulting room'.
  • Saturday 3 February: Clinical Presentation and Discussion. Catherine McKisak, presenter, Helen Alfille and Noel Hess, discussants.

Past Scientific Meetings 2017

  • Saturday 28th January: Panel Discussion with Ms Claudia Kramer BPA, Ms Irene Freeden BPA and Ms Susan Wax BPA. "Analytic Neutrality: achievable or desirable?"
  • Saturday 11th March: Dr Wilhelm Skogstad, BPA and BPAS 'Speaking through Action, Acting though Speech: Acting and Enacting in the Analytic Process'.
  • Saturday 24th June: Dr Jean Arundale, BPA, 'Sexuality and Psychoanalysis'.
  • Sunday 24th September: Dr David Simpson BPA and BPAS, 'Unconscious Guilt across Generations: The transmission of the psychic effects of trauma and authoritarian states of mind across the generations'.
  • Saturday 18th November: Open Scientific Meeting. Professor Dr Catalina Bronstein, President BPAS, 'The Uncanny effect of Dissociation'
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For information or enquiries please write to the Chair BPA Scientific Committee at info@psychoanalysis-bpa.org or ring +44 (0)20 3730 3300.

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