BPA Clinical Service
For a consultation or enquiries about psychoanalysis for you, contact Claudia Kramer on 020 8445 1952.

The BPA offers a consultation service to explore whether psychoanalysis is appropriate for you. The consultation will provide an opportunity to consider issues such as current life events, past experiences that continue to have an impact in your life, and on-going difficulties.

Psychoanalysis is a lengthy process, which requires both an emotional and a time commitment. For a full analysis you should expected a minimum of 2 years with sessions of 4/5 times per week for 50 minutes. If during the consultation it emerges that psychoanalysis is not the treatment of choice, we will arrange a less intensive treatment. This might include a referral to the BPA Low Fee Service, if appropriate.


The consultation, conducted by a fully qualified psychoanalyst, will take place either at the BPA headquarters or at the psychoanalyst's private consulting rooms. It will consist of one or two meetings; the fee for the first appointment is £75 and the fee for the second appointment is £65.

We can also offer consultations in other parts of the UK.


After one or two initial consultations the consultant will be able to refer you to a fully qualified psychoanalyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist.

Fees vary according to frequency of sessions and should be negotiated with the psychoanalyst or psychoanalytic psychotherapist at the first session.


For a consultation or enquiries about psychoanalysis for you, contact Claudia Kramer,
020 8445 1952

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