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Past Scientific Life

Past Scientific Meetings 2016

  • Saturday 30th January: Ms Lesley Bell and Mr Philip Roys, BPA, on the topic "Psychoanalysis in 2025", followed by discussion.
  • Saturday 5th March: Mr. David Morgan, BPA and BPAS, with Professor Steven Groarke of the BPAS as Discussant, "Migration and Catastrophic Change. Cultural Displacement and Homelessness in the Analytic Space".
  • Saturday 7th May: Ms Viqui Rosenberg, BPA, "Action in search of meaning: reflections on enactment."
  • Saturday 25th June: Mrs Lesley Steyn, BPA, "On aspects of narcissism".
  • Saturday 24th September: Panel discussion with Dr Eric Smadja of the Paris Psychoanalytical Society, Freud and Culture.
  • Saturday 12th November, Open Scientific Meeting: Dr Roger Kennedy, former President of the BPAS, "Fear of Strangers: whose home is it?"

Scientific Meetings 2015

  • 31st January 2015 - Dr Ronald Britton of the BPAS led a Clinical Discussion, with Mrs Sara Collins of the BPA presenting.
  • 21st March - Dr David Simpson of the BPA and BPAS presented a paper discussing aspects of the psychoanalytic setting.
  • 10th May 2015 - Ms Lesley Bell, Mr Michael Halton, and Mr Noel Hess of the BPA participated on a Panel on the topic of 'Hard to Reach Patients: schizoid and other states'
  • 4th July - Ms Sara Nettleton of the BPA presented her paper 'Idiom, self, and character'.
  • 19th September - Dr Viviane Chetrit-Vatine, former President of the Israel Psychoanalytic Society, presented her paper, 'The Analyst's Ethical Awakening: Levinas' philosophy as a contribution to contemporary psychoanalysis'.
  • 14th November - Dr David Bell, former President of the British Psychoanalytical Society, presented his paper, 'The World as it is versus the world as I would like it to be: contemporary reflections on Freud's "Formulations on the Two Principles of Mental Functioning"'.

Scientific Meetings 2014:

  • 1st February - Dr. Lesley Caldwell presented a paper "Winnicott's Clinical and Theoretical Journey: Transitional Objects and Transitional Phenomena 1951-1971"
  • 29th March - Chris Mawson presented "The Clinical Thinking of Wilfred Bion"
  • 22nd June - Valli Kohon presented "Little Hans and Maternal Seduction". Jean Arundale was the discussant
  • 13th September - Mary Adams, winner of the Dan Twomey Prize, read her paper "Survivor guilt, fear and the freedom to imagine"
  • 15th November 2014 - Open Scientific Meeting. Dr. Jan Abram of the BPAS presented a paper titled "The paternal integrate and its role in the analysing situation"

Scientific Meetings 2013:

  • January 26th - Panel on 'Interpretation; Talking to Patients', with Jo Rosenthall, Karen Nash and Joscelyn Richards
  • May 12th - Dr Howard Levine from Boston gave a CAPSA lecture 'Unrepresented States and the Construction of Mind'
  • July 6th - David Morgan presented a paper 'Destroying the Knowledge of the Need for Love'
  • October 30th - Dr Tony Kris from Boston USA presented 'The Dyer's Hand: A Disquisition on Some Aspects of the Psychoanalyst's Actions'

Scientific Meetings 2012:

  • January - David Simpson: "Inhibition of curiosity due to concern about the object's response - Effects of difficulties in tolerating a 'Third position"
  • April - Panel presentation and general discussion on 'Projective Identification: Use or Abuse?' John Gordon, Shirley Spitz and Mary Twyman
  • July - Simon Archer, presented a paper entitled 'Shades of doubt: Cynicism, Scepticism and Fundamentalism'
  • September - Martha Papadakis: 'Envy and the Reality Principle'
  • November - Dr. Sverre Varvin, President of the Norwegian Society, presented a paper 'Psychoanalysis and the Traumatised Patient: Helping to survive extreme experiences and complicated loss'

Previous scientific meetings prior to 2012

  • Dr. Ludwig Haesler from Berlin and Mme. Jacqueline Godfrind-Haber from Brussels were invited to give papers to mark the BPA's celebration of the IPA Centenary in 2010. Dr. Haesler's paper was entitled '"Shall hate be fairer lodg'd than gentle love?": Struggling for Survival and Autonomy'. Mme. Godfrind-Haber's was about enactment, "On Enacted Communication"
  • Dr. Ronald Britton presented a paper on 'Mind and Brain'
  • Mr. Gregorio Kohon presented a case history and two psychoanalytic sessions
  • Dr. Serge Frisch from the Belgian Society and Chairman of the European Psychoanalytic Federation presented a clinical case study
  • Sara Collins: 'Why Reconstruct? - Perspectives on the Work of Reconstruction within the Transference'
  • James Fisher on the topic "The Impact of Thought Disorder on Emotional Experience" as informed by Bion
  • Mary Adams: 'Survivor Guilt and the Proleptic Imagination'
  • A panel discussion on 'Interpretations in the transference and of the transference: Is there a difference?' With Sara Collins, Michael Halton and Viqui Rosenberg


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