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British Psychoanalytic Association

Welcome to the British Psychoanalytic Association (BPA), a new Component Society of the International Psychoanalytical Association (IPA), and the second Society to be established in the United Kingdom. The BPA is devoted to psychoanalytic training and treatment, as well as to the development of psychoanalytic thinking and communication of psychoanalytic ideas to the wider public.

As a society, the BPA offers a lively scientific life from the perspective of Contemporary Freudian, Kleinian, and Independent theoretical orientations, including opportunities for the continuing education and development of psychoanalysts.

The BPA is currently receiving applications for the training to commence in September 2017.
Anyone interested should contact Lesley Bell, the Chair of Selection, on 020 8888 0446 or Joyce Samuel-Ouadjo, the Training Co-ordinator, on +44 (0)20 8452 9823 or by email at

- beginning September 2017



September 2016 to July 2017

Applications will be considered at any time during the academic year and fees adjusted accordingly. Clinical Discussion Groups and Lecture Series can be applied for separately - see FLYER.
Theoretical lectures can be applied for as a FULL SERIES or SINGLY.

For those who want to learn more about psychoanalysis or to explore the possibility of a training and career in the field.


APPLICATION FORM for those wishing to attend the FULL COURSE (Theoretical Lectures and Clinical Discussion Groups),
OR the FULL SERIES of Theoretical Lectures only
OR the Clinical Discussion Groups (CDGs) only.


BRIEF APPLICATION FORM for those wishing to apply for ONE or SEVERAL of the Theoretical Lectures (but not the full series).


Lecture List



Phantasy and Reality in Childhood and Beyond - Lesley Steyn

January 25th 2017, 8:30 - 10:00 pm

Unconscious phantasies are the mind's way of avoiding painful realities that feel unbearable: they can be necessary for survival but sometimes end up causing more problems in the long run, harming development.
Lesley Steyn describes how in psychoanalysis our work involves, over time, trying to discover the phantasies a person has formed from childhood that live on inside him. Becoming gradually more aware of these and the hold they have can help to free us from their enormous power.

Lesley Steyn is a psychoanalyst in private practice. She is a Full Member of the British Psychoanalytic Association, serves on its Training and Scientific Committees and teaches theoretical and clinical seminars on the psychoanalysis training. She is a Senior Member of the British Psychotherapy Foundation, teaches on its training and external courses and is a training therapist and supervisor in other training organisations. In the NHS she has worked and taught at the Portman Clinic and for several years has been a Visiting Lecturer at the Tavistock Centre supervising psychotherapy students. She has published papers in the International Journal of Psychoanalysis and is a member of its Editorial Board.



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Cost: 35 per lecture payable upon application. Payment can be made only by bank transfer: British Psychotherapy Foundation The Co-operative Bank Sort Code: 08-02-28 Account No: 684 746 94. You will need to use lecture's reference (''BPA/TL/date'') to enable us to identify your payment.

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